Afternoon Tea

As part of my holiday fortnight we also managed to squeeze in a few other adventures along with the week-long visit to Greece. One of our other activities was the Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea at The Kensington Hotel in London. As soon as I saw this appear on my Facebook newsfeed at the … More Afternoon Tea


My last few weekends have been filled with family time, I have had different members of my family come to stay with us recently and it has been lovely. First up was my brother and his fiancé, they haven’t been over to visit our house in over 2 years and after a bit of nagging … More Family 


Everybody loves a laugh don’t they? Well my last week has been jam-packed full of laughter and enjoying company with good friends. It all started on Monday when I went to Colston Hall to see a comedy show, the comedian was Justin Moorhouse on his People and Feelings tour. My husband used to work with … More Laughter

Weekend farm trips

Here is something you may not know about me but my closest friends are not from university or school but are in fact my friends from college. I met these girls when I was just 16 years old (well one of them from school before that) and we were inseparable during college years, we spent … More Weekend farm trips